The Zambia Baptist Historical Society

  • Was launched on March 10, 2010
  • Endorsed by the following Baptist Associations in Zambia:
    • The Baptist Convention of Zambia
    • The Baptist Fellowship of Zambia
    • The Mpongwe Baptist Association
    • The Reformed Baptist Churches Association of Zambia
    • The Zambia Baptist Association

Our Mission

  • To preserve Baptist History in Zambia
  • Promote the value, preservation, and education of Zambian Baptist heritage through a journal and newsletter.
  • Encourage meetings that include opportunities for presentations, workshops, dialogue, and features of historical interest.
  • Encourage and work with local churches to collect, write, preserve, and recount their own history.
  • Support the research, writing, publication and teaching of Zambian Baptist history.
  • Encourage the erection of plaques commemorating the opening up of Baptist church buildings and the erection of durable tombstones on the graves of Baptist leaders.
  • Maintain the Zambia Baptist Archives

Our Constitution

The constitution sets out the basic laws describing how the Zambian Baptist Historical Society should be governed. It also reflects the desire that lies at the heart of the society. 

 Our Constitution